how to attract employersTo attract hiring decision-makers’ attention, focus professional communications on topics that meet their needs and satisfy their expectations.
Your goal is to make a positive impression that will generate interest, promote meaningful conversations and initiate and develop relationships. Grab attention with a “Wow!” and while demonstrating you are authentic and trustworthy. By posting, commenting and sharing on a regular basis and focusing on topics, you establish yourself as a go-to, first-choice resource, an expert worth reading, knowing and communicating with. Place your online content strategically choosing where your desired connections spend their time online. With patience and persistence, you will create a respected presence online and develop the potential to attract connections, be recommended and receive referrals that are relevant to your career progression.

There are examples of how you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills using social media to attract the connections you want and promote your personal brand.

1) Give a presentation at an industry conference
2) Publish in a trade organization blogs, newsletters, websites, etc.
3) Be recognized for winning an award or contributing
4) Volunteer for a cause favored by the hiring authority
5) Attend the same event as the hiring authority and introduce yourself

6) Get to know and communicate on a regular basis with someone the hiring authority knows, likes and trusts
7) Prepare and send a DM with a Value Validation Deck which proves your ability to resolve the hiring authority’s challenges
8) Upload a review on a book the hiring authority is likely to be interested in
9) Regularly (at least once/week or more often) post an update on LinkedIn
10) Write an original article on LinkedIn on a monthly basis
11) Upload files with original content demonstrating your knowledge, skills and expertise – presentations, slide decks, original charts and graphics and post an update to call attention to your accomplishments
12) Ask a mutual connection and other contacts who admire your talent to link to #11 or other items above to boost visibility among their connections, followers, colleagues, etc.
13) Join a board of directors that the hiring manager or their close associates belong to and attend the same Board sessions, comment on group correspondence, etc.
14) Create and cultivate a professional social media presence that demonstrates your expertise and impresses hiring managers with your insights. This starts with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile.
15) When you introduce yourself, find out something about the person and follow-up with a useful link to an article or a note that demonstrates you were listening!
16) Regularly respond to posts and updates on LinkedIn.

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