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JobWhiz helps high performing senior executives gain a competitive edge by differentiating you from the competition and discovering leads that nobody else knows about.

The Job Search Game Has Changed

Finding the right career fit is like looking for a needle in a haystack. To make matters worse, three key shifts in the job market have weakened the effectiveness of traditional job search tactics.

Meanwhile, it’s increasingly challenging to make valuable connections and get your foot in the door. As a result, landing your best opportunity at the right company where you will be appreciated is harder than ever.

  • Almost all executive positions are filled before they are advertised
  • Even an amazing resume does little to attract attention from employers
  • It’s less about what you know and more about who knows and remembers you

We Connect Senior Executives with Hiring Authorities, not HR

Attract Your Target Career Opportunity Quickly

We save busy executives months aimlessly searching by identifying your ideal role and arranging one-to-one meetings with hiring decision makers.

Discreetly Make New Networking Connections

You must guard your privacy. You cannot risk your reputation. As your confidential representative, we keep your job search initiatives under the radar so you can safely explore desirable options.

Enjoy the Courtesy of a Trusted Introduction

End the frustration of an unproductive job search, a lengthy time in transition or the stigma of selling yourself, we open the door and promote you to hiring authorities eager to meet you.

The New Job Search Paradigm

Meet The JobWhiz

Debra Feldman

Debra Feldman,
Executive Talent Agent

Debra’s Bio

“I just wanted to hire an agent for making introductions. However, your biggest value was focusing my search and removing certain obstacles which made me more attractive to the senior management team. ”

“I struggled for months to make connections. From our first conversation, I realized why I couldn’t do this alone, but I never dreamed you would produce so many potential opportunities. You knew exactly what employers wanted and got me in front of key contacts. My job search was actually fun!”

“You have an uncanny talent for ferreting out unadvertised roles in the hidden job market. Even better is the bonus your process delivers, lifetime career insurance. I plan to keep up with the network you created so that I don’t have to actively look for another job ever again.”

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