To expedite progress towards a new executive career opportunity, you must understand and play by the prevailing job market rules. Start with the right focus, choose positioning that showcases remarkable skills and Network Purposefully ™ to attract and impress hiring authorities to minimize wasted time and effort.

a new job will not find you, you have to promote your skills to the hiring authorityCareer changers, industry switchers, re-entry candidates, and job seekers who don’t match an employer’s expectations face roadblocks outside of their control. Employers are risk-averse and want to hire talent who demonstrate direct experience. While a candidate may be able to prove their competence, their challenge is getting employers to notice them, be confident in their abilities and give them a chance.

Automated systems for screening resumes select for only programmed variables; they don’t think of comparable experience, education or ask for more information. Human screeners also rely on strict screening parameters dictated by hiring authorities. Computers and human automatons are black and white, unable to discern for potential. These common recruiting practices put most of the advertised job market out of reach and are especially obstacles for career changers, industry switchers, re-entry candidates, and other “imperfect” and “unexpected” candidates.

The good news is this modern recruiting reality leaves over 80% of the job market, the hidden, unadvertised job market, available to all job seekers. What can job seekers do to work around these roadblocks?

Concentrate their efforts on opportunities that are not in the public domain, the positions accessed through networking.

Networking Purposefullyâ„¢ is the most effective and efficient executive job search method. It eliminates employer roadblocks, commands respect and grabs attention.

To identify the best focus, set goals and create positioning to successfully navigate a highly competitive executive job market, start here. Answer these questions.

  • “Who needs my know-how, skills, and unique experience to solve their current challenges?”
  • “Where are the challenges I know how to fix?”
  • “Who is the person responsible for fixing a problem I can solve?
  • “Who has the budgetary and hiring authority to address the problems I know how to solve?”

Got the answers? You’re ready to create an effective, efficient executive job search go-to-market strategy and access the hidden job market.


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