Neww Strategy to Improve Executive Job Search OutcomesFor almost 20 years, I’ve been applying SWOT techniques for developing an effective, efficient and executable go-to-market strategy for executive clients to expand their networking relationships. The idea is to identify how to differentiate an individual from competitors and establish their reputation as the go-to expert within a niche. Let’s label it as my proprietary “how to be a big fish in a small pond” method to accelerate careers. Coupled with Networking Purposefully, applying the right go-to-market strategy, this approach to market segmentation enables a competitive advantage, a valuable asset in today’s environment where standing out and a positive reputation are essential for success.

In addition to strengthening connections for clients, especially anyone challenged by their background relative to the position they want next, this technique offers a convenient and reliable way to define, identify and find a new career opportunity that fits their strengths, i.e., skills, interests, knowledge, experience, etc.. Uniquely, a networking campaign and job search is propelled when powered by this SWOT analysis because it fulfills an unmet need or under fulfilled demand in a defined space. Also, by further refining and narrowing the job seeker’s focus, networking resources are more precisely leveraged.

The process for developing the best go-to-market strategy also reveals examples of how a job seeker provides solutions especially those most desired by employers, a proven talent for creating new growth, a turnaround or continued success under adverse conditions.

My approach is to evaluate an individual’s accomplishments, highlight their achievements most relevant to their future career aspirations, describe how they produced outstanding results and create messaging to attract networking connections chosen to source new job leads among hiring authorities and decision-makers. Here’s the catch: while it is necessary to first determine strengths, I also anticipate where employers might declare a deficiency which reduces the candidate’s competitive positioning. In today’s environment, a specialist with deep, direct experience is highly appreciated. Why? This background is thought to reduce hiring risks associated with unprepared talent who could make mistakes and cost a company money.

By positioning a client (the product) beyond promoting strengths but also transforming what an employer might interpret as “deficiencies” or weaknesses, JobWhiz clients rise above their competition. I was reminded of this reading @AdamBrandenburger recently published digital HBR article http://bit.ly/33QRnxP.  This describes his method that adds a different perspective to SWOT analysis for organizations in which he suggests that a business’s strengths could also be its weaknesses and vice versa. for JobWhiz client’s, we conduct a SWOT analysis where weaknesses and threats are reflected to become competitive advantages as differentiators justified as superior, albeit unexpected, strengths. This one-of-a-kind job search strategy enables those who do not match employer’s requirements, which defines value in the job market, to overcome their lack of credentials, attract positive attention and engenders curiosity from decision-makers. For career changers, post-sabbatical and re-entry candidates this solves huge roadblocks in a crowded candidate pool and makes a remarkable impression when a resume isn’t perfect. This alternative SWOT technique for imperfect contenders consistently opens doors and eliminates barriers to vastly expand access to desirable new job leads.

And here’s a bonus! Self-confidence is often in doubt among job changers. By reimagining themselves as uniquely qualified by virtue of a creative interpretation of their background, individuals can start a conversation well-prepared to parry negative feedback with reasons documenting their non-traditional background as superior to the ideal profile. By demonstrating with success stories highlighting an ability to think differently, JobWhiz clients are swiftly able to engage the support from key hiring decision-makers needed to land their dream roles.

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