Careers today navigate a maze not move up a ladderWe are here in “the future of work” where each member of the team is a contributor based on the timing and context.  What used to be caked multidisciplinary is standard in today’s organizations and built\t into their structures. The tradition pathway towards seniority doesn’t exist. Opportunities to learn and grow and have more responsibilities and more authority must be navigating into the right challenges and getting the attention of influencers (including not only your current direct manager but also other senior staff.) Rather than relying on a new role/new job to start developing develop more knowledge and then continue to move forward into another role to master additional new skills. Nowadays, learning is constant. Contributions are always expected. Initiative is mandatory—no one and nothing is going to pull you up. The duration of any assignment doesn’t necessarily dictate when you will be promoted—it may only generate a different assignment on a team or joining a new team doing the same work. I like for exploring what the future of work means now and highlighting action steps towards #career success.

There are benefits to frequent reassignments: exposure to more senior leaders and chances for internal networking. In fact, why not identify someone you want to work with, learn from, model yourself after, and Network Purposefully to grab their attention and participate in defining a new role created especially for you to showcase your talent and/or acquire more know-how you need to qualify for additional opportunities?

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