Resumes are not a history of dead jobsA resume is not a reverse chronological regurgitation of past employers nor is it a graveyard of former responsibilities. It should be designed as a teaser to attract a specific audience (i.e., target career opportunities including specific companies, specific roles, opportunities to address certain challenges, etc.) able to appreciate a candidate’s background and recognize how their unique qualifications will contribute to successfully fulfilling the mission.

This means that the resume owner develops a go-to-market strategy demonstrating to hiring decision makers (the individuals who own a challenge and are charged with resolving it with the lowest risk, at the least cost and realizing maximum results) that they are an expert and should be selected as the first-choice solutions provider.

By starting a resume writing project with a strategic mandate to satisfy a prospective employer’s specific needs and exceed their expectations, a resume author at the outset has the right goal: to anticipate an employers’ objections, remove obstacles that threaten a smooth swift landing and communicate effectively with decision makers to build trust and credibility. If a resume development effort begins with a job description into which the author squeezes relevant professional  information, this limits employers ability to envision an individual’s potential as a whole, as compared to simply checking off requirements. A resume must stimulate a decision maker imagination to identify where an individual might fit into the organization whether or not an opening has been advertised. By Networking Purposefully individuals can tap into the hidden job market and gain access to where about 80% of new hires are sourced.

A better way is to orient the resume to describe and support an individual’s unique strengths, skills and knowledge and then share this presentation, I.e. network purposefully with individuals who either needs or will need the solutions the individual can deliver, has authority to make an offer, can promote the individual to their contacts who influence decision makers, facilitate introductions directly to hiring authorities and continue to support the resume owner as a friend, mentor, sponsor, sounding board, adviser, etc.

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