Senior executive non cash compensation Money alone cannot buy  a candidate. However, a potential new employee stands to benefit significantly by focusing negotiations on non-cash compensation (excludes salary and bonus) as much as on the proposed cash comp or salary. If you are about to accept a new position and are ironing out the benefits and perks associated with a role, I’ve assembled a list of over 50 items to include your employment agreement to increase your total compensation, many without tax consequences.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive, different industries and circumstances generate unique opportunities. This list describes the most common property, services, cash, or cash equivalents to help direct senior executive compensation negotiations.

If you notice any missing benefits or perks designed to attract, reward and improve the productivity of executives, please contact me.

  1. Paid Vacation/personal days/paid time off (PTO)
  2. Health insurance
  3. Life insurance
  4. Disability insurance
  5. Retirement savings matching
  6. Financial advisory services
  7. Company mobile phone
  8. Reimbursement of personal mobile devices
  9. Purchase of home office equipment
  10. Compensation for home office use
  11. Company paid car and vehicle maintenance
  12. Business or First-Class air travel with/without restrictions
  13. Use of the corporate aircraft for non-business travel
  14. Use of corporate aircraft
  15. Use of corporate sports subscriptions or option to purchase individual or season tickets for business use
  16. Events admission (tickets, gold tournaments, etc.)
  17. Use of corporate properties (lodges, yachts, etc.)
  18. Luxury accommodations or comparable when traveling when available
  19. Allowance for companion costs on business travel
  20. Car rental at luxury level
  21. Company expense account
  22. Company credit card for business expenses
  23. Company paid passport, visa, etc. fees
  24. Company paid pet care during overnight business travel
  25. Company paid childcare
  26. Company paid childcare for overnight business travel
  27. Company health benefits (wellness services, behavioral health counseling)
  28. Senior care advisory services
  29. Deferred compensation plan
  30. Tax planning assistance
  31. Country or other club (e.g., gym membership fees and other expenses including guest fees)
  32. Parking and/or tolls- commuting assistance
  33. Education costs- tuition for self and children
  34. Housing – temporary or permanent plus maintenance, insurance, etc.
  35. Clothing allowance
  36. Supplemental unemployment benefits
  37. Termination/separation pay and other benefits (golden parachute, voluntary separation, M&A clause)
  38. Stock awards (restricted, performance, options)
  39. Working condition benefits (e.g., office décor, private kitchen or beverage bar, private shower and lavatory, etc.)
  40. Moving and relocation expenses including “curtains allowance”
  41. Private car and driver for commuting, for entertaining, for local travel, etc.
  42. Dedicated executive assistant
  43. Private dining room and choice of menu
  44. Private gym on site
  45. Private fitness trainer
  46. Annual subscriptions to publications
  47. Executive (Leadership/performance) coaching
  48. Personal membership to trade/professional associations
  49. Tuition/fees for Executive Education Courses
  50. Post-retirement consulting
  51. Tax reimbursements
  52. Supplemental executive retirement benefits
  53. Post-retirement health insurance

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