There’s nNetwork Purposefully for executive career change and job search success. Everyone knows someone you don't know who should know youo dispute that submitting resumes for advertised job postings and filing applications online and with recruiters rarely produces any employer acknowledgement and even fewer formal interviews and valuable networking opportunities. By and large, jobs are filled and people get hired through referrals. The job market revolves around contacts.Word-of-mouth, aka networking, is the source of about 80% of new hires according to CareerXRoads . Doesn’t it make the most sense to rely on connections to find a new job rather than spend time on less effective job search methods?

Whether you are a senior executive who’s been in transition a number of times in your career who thought you knew the ropes or are a young professional seeking an entry level position, both of you job seekers are faced with the same daunting challenge: where to begin your job search, how to optimize your efforts for maximum results and what should you do to avoid disappointments, limit stress and come through your job search process with more than just a great new position for your time and efforts. What’s that ROI for all the connections, meetings, inquiries, research, preparations, sacrifices, worry, expenses, etc. that led to an offer? An enhanced network of devoted contacts who remember, reach out and recommend you so that your next change will be the result of an inside contact giving you a competitive advantage over strangers, control over the timing and better choices.

is a uniquely efficient job search process with an almost 99% success rate. I developed and have been refining how to Network Purposefully over hundreds of executive campaign projects since 2000 when I founded JobWhiz, Executive Talent Agent. As the candidate’s loyal representative, I know, understand and have a thorough understanding of both parties’ priorities in the hiring transaction and facilitate meaningful dialogues between exceptional individuals, candidates and employers, who need each other. Implementing a new job search applying Network Purposefully principles yields spectacular results for any functional role, at every level of responsibility and authority across diverse industries*. Networking purposefully streamlines job searching, accelerates positive outcomes and provides lifetime “career insurance” as an added benefit all while eliminating unproductive efforts, erasing wasted time, and avoiding disappointments. How? By focusing exclusively on the most highly-qualified target opportunities and restricting interactions to exchanges to those directly related to the goal and objective of identifying a new career opportunity that matches the candidate’s specifications responsibility, authority, location, future growth, compensation, industry, company culture, etc. By first defining and then emphasizing only the best go-to- market strategy, Job Whiz clients who Network Purposefully are cleverly positioned to showcase trustworthiness, rare talent and sincere enthusiasm which attracts the most desirable conversations with hiring decision makers, without interference from HR or external recruiters. More of the right contacts are made in less time with fewer detours. Corporate gatekeepers are bypassed, private doors are opened, and lasting positive impressions made that capture key contacts’ attention planting you as a remarkable individual the company contact wants to keep in their circle. What else? A measurable ROI of networking purposefully is while connecting and having conversations to uncover leads to the next job, a job seeker simultaneously creates lifetime “career insurance,” a robust, targeted contact database relevant to their immediate search and establishing connections that will support career transitions in their future.

Here’s how to Network Purposefully for a smoother, swifter landing that comes with the bonus of building a targeted network of invaluable lifetime “career insurance.”

  1. Identify how your skills, knowledge and achievements differentiate you from your competition.
  2. Describe in a presentation (Online profile, resume, biography, personal website, etc) what distinguishes you as an expert and provides credibility to justify your trustworthiness and moral character. Don’t leave it for the reader to guess what you want – better to be a big fish in a small sea that gets fed 100% of the food, then to be one of many fish in a big sea where eating is a competitive sport.
  3. Research and develop a list of target companies where you would like to work and where your skills are needed and you are apt to be appreciated.
  4. Reach out and get on the radar screens of hiring decision makers at these target employers and add these contacts to your growing networking database. Also, identify individuals who can recommend you to these employers and have a meaningful exchange so that they will remember to inform you about employer needs and refer you company insiders.
  5. Repeat #1-4 even after you accept a new job. Follow up diligently to stay top of mind, be recruited for an unadvertised job, show your interest is sincere and not just a one time only job search> Volunteer your knowledge and expertise where you see an opportunity to show your abilities and be relied on as a generous helper.

*Politics and Hollywood are exceptions.

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