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You are sure to find that dream job, or at least some very rewarding opportunities along the way there, if you network purposefully, carefully choosing what you communicate and who you share ideas with. By choosing purposefully to network with individuals in strategic decision-making roles, you can increase dramatically accelerate your search progress and find your next challenge faster and easier while gaining valuable, strategic contacts along the way.

As many successful professionals across diverse disciplines and industries know, networking is not just about finding new career opportunities that haven’t been advertised. Networking is more than the hidden job market. Being an active, engaged financial professional is smart executive career planning.  Networking can accelerate job hunting at all levels of the profession by bringing new challenges to a candidate’s attention even before an employer officially announces or even gives a lot of thought to a reorganization.  Networking is all about initiating, cultivating and maintaining relationships. 

Sometimes until a new talent resource is identified, no thought is given to a restructuring. It all comes down to being at the right place at the right time. Thus, the more you network and are connected to influential decision makers, the greater the probability of new career opportunities being made available individually to you through inside leads. Don’t discount the strong possibility that in the course of networking dialog, you are able to identify a need and suggest how you are interested in addressing this issue personally. What could be better than being the only candidate under consideration for an ideal position, one created just to bring you into an organization or to keep you happy where you are?

Relationships are key to successful networking. The trust and confidence that colleagues share play a major role in networking being the absolutely most effective job search method.  Not to mention the high value a volunteer solution provides over an expensive and lengthy recruiting process, getting inundated with a large volume of resumes to review, and all the other hassle of public recruiting without an inside pick. Credibility is definitely critical to a successful outcome for both the candidate and the employer. If a good relationship exists before the interest to collaborate, then the recruiting process is shorter, straighter, easier and costs the employer fewer of their already scarce resources.

Networking Speeds the Hiring Process

In today’s economy, the recruiting and hiring process is often lengthy. Making long term investments in good professional relationships can really pay off with a quicker hiring process for candidates already familiar with an organization and known to key players with hiring authority.  Moreover, the competition for openings is so fierce, that savvy networking may be the only way to win an advantage over the large number of equally qualified candidates.  If a prospective employee isn’t networked, then they are at a disadvantage. To assure that you are a premier choice, meet and keep in touch with key contacts. Build your network purposefully to support your career objectives. Get connected to colleagues and hiring managers at your target employers and make certain that you stay on their radar screens so you are one of the first to know about potential opportunities in their organization.

Ten tips to increase your job search progress and improve your network contacts at the same time.

  1. The old school of long term employment, from graduation till retirement is outdated. Keep networking, because you are going to need these contacts to help you learn of new opportunities and vice versa.
  2. Technology is always changing. To keep up with innovations and stay on the cutting edge, keep learning. Networking is an exchange of ideas and a learning experience. Keep expanding your connections and don’t lose touch with those you already have.
  3. The world runs on relationships. The more extensive and better quality your connections, the greater your advantage to accessing valuable inside information , getting an early lead and being a part of the inner circle with the secrets. Make new friends, but keep the old. Keep networking.
  4. In the final analysis, it is who knows, likes and remembers you not just what you know that produces success. Stay in touch, be friendly, cooperate, and don’t burn any bridges. Remember that networking is a two way street. Look for ways to offer help before you are asked. Keep networking.
  5. While a large active network is desirable, practicalities dictate how much time and effort can be devoted to being a good (see #4 above) networker. Be selective and cultivate relationships if they are better than average connections. Keep networking.
  6. Make networking a priority- keep your contacts and intentionally develop new relationships. It is not just socializing. Information is exchanged that has value to both sides in the transaction. Keep networking.
  7. Be on the lookout for ways to stay in touch. Find relevant data to exchange, an appropriate article, cartoon or person you can introduce. Suggest that your network contact pass your tip along to their own network giving you exposure to their contacts that you don’t know. If you enjoy blogging, here’s a natural fit! Keep networking.
  8. Networking with others in your industry probably is the best use of your job search time. Be clear on your objective which makes it simpler for someone to know how to help you. You might be able to assist them now or in the future so… keep networking!
  9. Want to make a change in your career? The best way to speed this up and find a great opportunity is through a personal referral. Make certain that each one of your contacts knows who you are and what you do and can articulate your value to others who don’t know you. Don’t give up. Keep talking to others who are likely to appreciate you or hire you or be willing to make a referral. Keep networking to penetrate the hidden job market!
  10. If you recently completed a job search, stay in touch regularly with those you met during your campaign with which you felt an affinity. Organizations are dynamic and their needs change. People don’t stay in the same place. Keep networking!


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