A.H. had a varied background including assignments in accounting, information systems development and customer service in industries ranging from insurance to banking to retail operations. His resume appeared to be a hodgepodge of unrelated experiences. Debra delved systematically into his history and unified his achievements into a focused theme with a distinctive value proposition to establish his credibility and highlight his expertise. She articulated his remarkable talent for change management in the most complex environments. She underscored his familiarity with specific software applications and chose target employers facing challenges using these products. Debra supercharged his campaign by removing the stigma of being a jack of all trades and replacing that with a specialist label.
“I have received a verbal offer from the new company and they are preparing the formal offer paperwork. The process seems very positive at this point. I appreciate your initial coaching. The role is shaping up to be very consistent with the value proposition you suggested I could represent best.” – A.H., V.P., Insurance

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