M.F. had impressive credentials in the not-for-profit world. He had an impeccable track record, superb academic preparation and an unrelenting drive to improve access to medical care in the developing world.  He was certain that he had to be a senior manager at a major pharmaceutical company to obtain the financial support necessary to execute the program he envisioned.  M.F. was new to the corporate job market and recruiting practices so Debra was his tutor.  He outlined his ideal job during networking meetings which Debra arranged.  After several months,  he was hired for this new role that he designed. He accepted a very prestigious senior international position where  his influence expanded beyond his original requirements.

You were highly effective at getting employers to pay attention to me. In addition, you demonstrated outstanding project management skills and have an unparalleled ability to grasp new concepts and to come up with clever solutions to the specific challenges.- M. F., Medical Director, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

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