J.M. had spent his career in international healthcare.  A former clinician in his third world homeland, his extraordinary achievements propelled him into a position as a world-renowned expert. He had always worked in humanitarian services prior to accepting a leadership a role with a start-up whose owners had supported his principles and operational goals. Unfortunately that venture failed and left J.M. lost in the corporate job market. While he was much in demand among NGOs and government entities, these were not the platforms he needed to execute the programs he envisioned; he knew he had to have not only the commitment, but also sufficient funding.  He found a kindred spirit in Debra who refined his presentation and identified prospective partners, target employers that were a good cultural fit and had the resources to support J.M.’s ambitious programs.  Debra identified the appropriate corporate connections and arranged meetings with those who agreed to J.M.’s expectations. Within two months, J. M. had an offer for a position that was created just for him.

It is a privilege to be accepted by you as a client: whatever the price you are asking, you are worth several times more. Please note that I don’t consider it a big deal to be a reference for you.  I don’t have to lie about my positive experience working with you. I sincerely believe that without you, I would be clinically depressed today because I credit you with getting me into a working environment that so far suits me very well. During my year-end review, my supervisor told me that hiring me has been the best professional decision she has made in her 17 year career here. I feel more grateful to you than you can realize. So, yes, if I could talk my way to the Pope, I would suggest to canonize you.” – J.M., Executive Director, Pharmaceuticals



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