J.B. had a meteoric rise up the ranks eventually heading his firm’s most profitable business unit. All was going fine until his company was taken over by a competitor. Not long after, he realized that he didn’t want to stay. J.B. was restricted by a non-compete which left him at a loss about what to do. He did realize this was his chance to switch fields. He talked to his connections but when he mentioned a different industry, they knew the same people he knew and couldn’t provide leads. He had spent nearly a year at wit’s end until someone recommended JobWhiz. Debra did an in depth analysis of his background and the relevant market which got him focused on a realistic career goal. She designed a job search strategy and developed an implementation plan naming specific target companies and thought leaders and set up one- on- one meetings for J.B. to learn first-hand about a new field. He accepted an offer for a challenging new opportunity that is exactly where Debra predicted he would find a good fit.

“Debra is a tenacious, straight shooter who produces results.  She is part strategist, coach, exceptionally creative and has an approach that was logical to me.  Every discussion is a learning experience with Debra.  She is off the charts in her ability to identify what is really going on in your world, synthesize, cut through the clutter and recommend an effective action plan.  She’s a confident, shrewd business woman that knows how corporate America and the executive job roller coaster really works. She is truly interested in her client’s well- being and has the natural ability to work with some very strong personalities.  She delivers powerful value add strategies toward her clients goals. I found (and still do) Debra to be an invaluable resource and wonderful go to strategist, for any executive that is moving through the ranks.  My highest praise and endorsement. “ – J. B., Chief Revenue Officer, Informatics Industry

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