What are the basic tenets of Network Purposefully?

The opposite of networking with a purpose would be random connections or relying on your current contact database for referrals and job leads. Debra identifies not only who you need to meet to impress with your abilities and skills to demonstrate your potential value to a joint success, but also she determines who needs to know about you and how to get you on their radar so that they are continuously aware of your interest in helping them. It’s important to focus your networking on those individuals most likely to open doors to new opportunities, either owing to their hiring authority or their personal relationships with other decision makers. While some may (incorrectly) network based on who they already know and their current contacts, Debra starts with a clean canvas and defines who needs to know you that are most likely to need you and offer a position that you want.

How long is a JobWhiz project?  What are the major steps?

Because each client engagement is customized and defined by your project’s scope, complexity, and intensity, the length of each project will vary. Ultimately, your goals will define the duration of the engagement. That said, you can expect to go through certain distinct phases with your project, regardless of the length of time you work with Debra.

85% of success comes from good planning. Debra thoroughly prepares for your campaign by initiating every project with a comprehensive consultation, career assessment, and employer/job market diagnostic evaluation (SWOT analysis.) After carefully reviewing, analyzing, researching and evaluating your background, interests, priorities, credentials, qualifications, marketing materials, online persona, and contrasting this with employer expectations and job market conditions, she’ll then recommend the go-to-market strategy (the sweet spot where your career goals sync with employers’ needs) designed for maximum results. At the conclusion of Phase One, a gameplan will be written outlining a blueprint for a successful job search that you can execute or hire JobWhiz to implement job search tasks and activities to realize your campaign goals.

Not only does Debra focus on what you as a candidate have to offer prospective employers, she also identifies potential barriers, roadblocks or challenges that may impede your job search progress and deftly eliminates or mitigates threats.

The initial planning phase generally takes four weeks, including your cooperation in providing relevant data and feedback. Implementation – i.e., connecting with hiring decision makers and other networking hubs – may take two months or less, varying with the scope, complexity, and number of targeted networking contacts.

Debra’s outstanding success stems from her ability to identify the right positioning for every client to target best opportunities and land swiftly. During an your job search project implementation phase, the job search strategy created in Phase One is executed.

This includes short-listing target employers, obtaining contact information for hiring managers and referral sources, developing resumes, bios, a complete LinkedIn profile and presentations to attract employers and build your credibility and finally, making introductions and promoting you to the appropriate contact (s) to penetrate each target company at the right level with an effective message at the right time. By networking purposefully, Debra streamlines campaigns and guarantees results: Introductions to hiring authorities at companies where the client wants to work, with the people they want to work with and where they will be appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

Why can Debra succeed if I can’t?

Are you a job search expert? Debra is! Have you helped hundreds of senior executives make the connections that have produced job offers?  Debra has decades of experience job hunting at the executive level! Do you know job search best practices?  Debra sure does! More importantly, however, is Debra’s objectivity when it comes to positioning you to maximize your value and attract plum opportunities in today’s job market.  Let’s use this story to illustrate why she can conduct a faster, more successful campaign than you can execute on your own.  If you see a blemish on your face in the mirror and attempt to camouflage it, you may over compensate and before you realize it, you have covered up the pimple with too much makeup, You don’t realize that it looks odd until someone asks you why you have white stuff on your face by which just what you wanted to avoid has happened, someone noticed your problem. You think to yourself, “That can’t be!  I covered it up!” However, what you really did was make your problem obvious to everyone but yourself. We are often blind to our own weaknesses and need an expert to make us whole again.

Debra has a 99% success rate. How does she achieve such incredible results?

Since 2000, Debra has been an executive talent agent which means that she has been devoting over 40 hours weekly to job searching based on networking. Unlike an executive who rarely has to job hunt, Debra is intimately familiar with the current job market and knows how to be most efficient and effective. In fact, Debra started JobWhiz to serve two populations of executives: those who needed a liaison to represent them and maintain the utmost discretion to keep their campaign highly confidential and those who were unable to network for themselves. As the recession deepened, more clients who had never had to look for a job before sought out her advice to navigate a very challenging environment.  It soon became apparent that it was foolish to rely on traditional methods of job searching because they didn’t work anymore; neither headhunters nor submitting resumes to posted openings produced results.  What Debra always knew and others soon learned is that the best, if not the only way, to land a new job today is through recommendations. Therefore, if you lack contacts or your network is not delivering job leads, then you need to create new connections for the purpose of finding your next position.  Not only is Debra a sophisticated agent, savvy networker and respected executive, but she also loves the process of developing a go-to market strategy and then implementing this project for her clients and sharing their wins.

What are the guiding principles that form the basis of a JobWhiz Network Purposefully project?

  • The Right Value Contribution: Identify what you do well and are willing to do for an employer, know why you are better than your competition, describe how you get results that are exceptional and reliable, distinguish yourself as a trustworthy expert
  • The Perfect Focus: Determine which employers are most likely to need your talents, skills, abilities, and contribution where you will fit into the team culture and have growth potential
  • The Compelling Marketing Presentation: Develop a written and oral presentation customized to demonstrate your match for each target opportunity. Establish a perpetual online presence (your virtual persona) supporting your reputation as an expert.
  • The Correct Connection: Contact the appropriate hiring authority within each organization (an individual with both budgetary power and who will appreciate your help and not be threatened by your strengths) and show them what is in it for them- how you will solve their challenges, enable them to be more successful, and lift their burdens.
  • The Relationship: Networking is not a one-time interaction. The first step is getting a new connection’s attention by attracting their interest followed by creating shared experiences to deepen the relationship and gain their respect which requires time and repetition. Networking with purpose may produce immediate results by discovering an unadvertised job or be at the right time and the right place to fill a fresh opening. In addition, each new contact is likely to generate new job leads in the future turning your contacts into lifetime “career insurance.”
  • The Lifetime “Career Insurance” Plan: Career success hinges on relationships. Through periodic meaningful communication via traditional channels, social networking and new media you stay on the decision maker’s radar, are among the first to learn about new opportunities and can initiate discussions as the first-choice candidate instead of waiting to be recruited.
  • The “Polite, Persistent Pings”: Timing is critical. There may not be an immediate offer, but organizations are dynamic. Change is constant and the right role may be created or become available down the road. You know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”

What does a typical JobWhiz project cost?

When you work with Debra, you receive a customized proposal with guaranteed deliverables, completion dates and fixed fees.  Every client engagement is tailored to fit individual needs and budgets. There are no standard packages. All projects are done in phases. Most Phase One projects (establishing go-to-market strategy, describing the right search focus and developing an effective positioning to attract employer interest) require an investment of $8000-9900. All JobWhiz services are conducted in phases and provided against an advance retainer.  About 60% of clients get the clarity they need and do not hire JobWhiz for additional support.

For those who want to outsource time-consuming job search tasks, complicated research and company due diligence, writing correspondence, preparing marketing materials, cold calling employers and scheduling appointments, JobWhiz does the heavy lifting during project implementation where the strategy devised in Phase One is executed in one or more parts. Investment starts at $5000 and increases with expanded scope, complexity, intensity, and duration.

Can I try out JobWhiz services without making a large investment upfront?

Yes, JobWhiz offers telephone consultation appointments starting at $450. These one on one meetings can address specific issues like:

  1. Evaluate your job search and networking progress to date;
  2. Recommend how you can increase or define the correct job search/career focus to attract an employer hiring manager’s sincere interest;
  3. Describe techniques to improve your campaign results if your search has lost momentum;
  4. Identify ways to accelerate progress to reach your goals faster;
  5. Review and assess your LinkedIn profile and existing resume/cover letter;
  6. Anticipate challenges that could negatively impact your search results; and
  7. Detail ways to remedy barriers and obstacles that are limiting your job search progress and preventing a smooth, swift landing

What’s the advantage of hiring JobWhiz for active job seekers?

If your job search is not getting the results you need, is not progressing, lacks momentum or has failed to launch you where you want to go next,  then your strategy may be to blame or your campaign execution may need to be improved.  Let’s conduct a SWOT analysis to pinpoint where you need help and get you back on track ASAP.

What’s the advantage of hiring JobWhiz for passive candidates and anyone who isn’t looking for a new executive job now?

If you are not looking to make a change now, but want to put the right network in place for when you are ready to find a new role then now is the right time  to put your name on the radar and start cultivating leads and connections that will be ready to help when you want to explore new opportunities.

Contact Debra Feldman, Executive Talent Agent for a no obligation complimentary telephone meeting and free customized walkthrough.