Career Attraction 101

There are three critical things you should do to attract the opportunity you want, rather than settle for a position if you get lucky and are chosen from the candidate pool. Find that dream opportunity or better yet, help it find you!

#1: Stop Applying for Jobs

You have to lose the mindset that if I apply for enough jobs I have to get an interview and get an offer. Even if that happens and you win the candidate lottery, it may not be the role you want and probably won’t be the job you want to keep.

If you truly want a new opportunity, stop internet job searching no matter how easy or how many openings seem available. Social network leads are not private; they are the “new” jobsites. You’re wasting time. The job could already be filled. Instead, put your efforts into finding and talking ideas one- on- one with the decision makers who need you. When inside connections privately share leads with you first, you can be selective. If you are invited, it puts you in control.

#2: Package Yourself Attractively

Career Attraction begins before an official introduction. Your online persona (Google “your name”) and marketing documents must demonstrate your specific qualifications employers expect for the job you want, instill a sense of trust and communicate your likability. You must be clear in your job search goals. It’s not enough to be an expert, you have to know what the employer wants.

Senior managers are always busy. It must be easy for the hiring authority to get to know you. Make it obvious how you can help and why you are the safest solution, but you can’t be a pest or appear desperate.

#3: Get Introduced to People that Hire People like You and Stay on Their Radar

Having lots of contacts is not enough. Ideally, you need the right connections, should be actively promoting your relationships and know how to make the appropriate “ask” before you need job search advice or introductions. Begin by developing contacts that can hire you and recommend you to decision makers and start strengthening the quality of your interactions to stay top of mind. Don’t make the mistake of thinking HR or recruiters, whose loyalty isn’t with candidates, will make your job search easier. Timing is everything; use low touch methods to stay on the radar.

If you are the right fit, a hiring authority can create an opportunity- Tap the Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market isn’t a private cache of vacant positions which employers keep secret. Anyone can access an unadvertised opportunity by following a few simple steps. There’s a new role that’s waiting for you to discover it.

Creating a spot for you doesn’t necessarily mean adding a new position. For example, it’s only when the right replacement is available that an incumbent can be released. At times, management is aware there’s a need, but hasn’t devoted time to officially start recruiting. There are occasions when a manager knows a team member will be leaving and they are prepared to hire a replacement when the right person comes along. Applying the principles of career attraction, you can tap into hidden job market opportunities.

Networking purposefully produces better opportunities

… by putting you inside the inner circle and developing new targeted relationships that will provide leads to your next role AND has the added benefit of simultaneously fueling a continuous referral pipeline to future opportunities which you can think of as “career insurance.”

You are not getting the offer because you aren’t talking to the right people. People hire people they know, like and trust. You need to be one of these people. If your existing network isn’t providing good leads or can’t produce the right introductions, then you have to make new contacts that can produce the leads you need. JobWhiz figures out who the right contacts are for you to find the job you want and identifies how to grab their attention and earn their trust. Then we set up a meeting so you can make a positive impression and find a great new opportunity.

Now Take Control of Your Career

JobWhiz accesses exclusive, unpublished opportunities matching your selection criteria by promoting you as the top choice to decision makers, not HR or recruiters. Don’t wait for the unlikely event for a company to select you for the perfect role. JobWhiz puts you in front of the decision makers who will appreciate you. You’ll have a meaningful conversation that establishes a vital contact and generates a current job offer or a future opportunity. We’ll help you make more high quality connections and build relationships with the right contacts so you get the offer you need.

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