Debra Feldman, JobWhiz, is one-of-a-kind, an exclusive Executive Talent Agent and executive job search consultant profiled by Forbes as “Matchmaker: Part Networker, Part Sleuth.”  She is recognized for inverting the traditional recruiting paradigm; she exclusively is hired by and represents individual executives seeking a new role that matches their selection criteria. Unlike others in the careers industry, she has never been compensated by any employer for introducing a candidate.

Debra specializes in those who face the greatest challenges in today’s highly competitive job market: re-entry candidates, industry switchers, career changers and confidential job hunters. She boasts a 99% success rate which results from identifying the most effective search strategy and backing up the plan by personally implementing a carefully executed campaign as the job seeker’s 100% loyal, 100% dedicated agent.

Debra created Network Purposefully™, a precise, strategic, sharply focused, highly effective methodology that relies not only on just “who you know, but who with decision making and hiring authority knows, likes, trusts and remembers you” to open doors to new career opportunities. This is often before a position is advertised and more often is created “at the right time” to hire a particular individual. Purposeful networking is like long term “career insurance.” It provides a lifetime of early access to new insider-only opportunities.

Her marketing expertise extends beyond traditional campaign channels and incorporates social media to boost reputation and promote more job lead referrals. By anticipating, removing or mitigating obstacles that interfere with the job search progress, Debra clears the way for a faster, smoother landing into an ideal role.

Like many of her executive clients, Debra is a career-changer. After graduation from Columbia with an undergraduate degree in Nursing and Masters of Public Health, Debra spent her early career in healthcare administration before transitioning into corporate management consulting developing further expertise in project leadership, business development, strategic marketing and process re-engineering. When she decided that she did not want to continue traveling extensively, she was lucky enough to devise a job, actually an entirely new business concept, that met every one of her requirements.

In 2000, JobWhiz was established. It was the beginning of the internet job board revolution. Despite unprecedented technology advances, Debra recognized how networking and relationships, not online applications or electronic resumes, would continue as the foundation of individual career success. Debra has advised over 500 senior executives on their job search strategy and arranged high-level ,one-on-one direct networking contacts. She attributes her career success to keen analytical skills, job market insights, passion for business development and marcomm know-how.

Debra is or has been a recommended resource for numerous business, academic and trade organizations including AICPA, IEEE, Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG,) Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG,) FEI, Institute of Supply Management, YPO, and more. Columbia University and Columbia Business School have honored Debra as an elite career advisor. She has led global events for ExecuNet and contributed to Vistage and many marquee new media and print publications in the careers field. Debra has been selected to lead job market re-entry seminars. She routinely delivers webinars, teleconferences and live programs to career professionals, senior executives, entrepreneurs and Ivy business school groups (including Wharton, Harvard Business School, Columbia, and ChicagoBooth) and has been quoted as a leading expert in Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, CBSMoneyWatch, SmartBriefs, NBCNews and The Wall Street Journal.

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