executive job search is like navigating a dark cave
Why do some job seekers look like a deer caught in headlights? The majority are those who think their job search skills are too weak. They’ve heard and seen evidence among their peers that what got them where they were will not put them where they want to be next. Their concerns center around how to attract the right decision makers to establish a relationship and make a strong impression. They also worry that they will not be offered a new opportunity commensurate with their abilities. These are situations which can be prevented. This article will show you how to use your time efficiently, assure that your activities are effective and keep stress to a minimum. My goal is to help you strategize a campaign that will result in a new career opportunity that satisfies your major requirements plus educate you for the long term about best-practices executive job search methods and techniques. Ideally, after completing this next campaign, you will be familiar with current job search best practices and equipped to plan and implement a swift, smooth and successful strategic job search on your own.

Having founded and been the sole proprietor of JobWhiz, Executive Talent Agent since 2000, my extensive knowledge of the executive job market and expertise helping global senior executives across diverse sectors land a new position (always matching the candidates’ preferences for industry, location, compensation, authority, responsibility, equity participation, corporate culture, etc.,) By applying years of on the ground experience, mining a broad range of research resources and leveraging an uncanny talent to correlate a candidate’s interests with unmet market demand, I have designed and implemented hundreds of successful senior executive job searches. JobWhiz clients are not plain vanilla. They hire JobWhiz because they are outliers whom employers tend to dismiss in favor of others with obvious, direct experience. JobWhiz clients are frequently career role changers, industry migrants, confidential job hunters, international road warriors and post-sabbatical candidates. Driven by a custom go-to-market strategy and informed by a SWOT analysis, costly mistakes and time-consuming errors are eliminated. JobWhiz clients hone their focus on productive and purposeful networking interactions, build their personal contacts and find work that checks all their boxes. By following the processes JobWhiz uses for their current job search project, clients also are ready for any future moves.
Here are the key milestones that make up a swift, smooth, successful senior executive campaign.
 Identify your strongest and most unique knowledge and skills
 Define circumstances that need your talent to solve related challenges
 Research to name specific industries, companies, professionals within the sector where your background will be appreciated
 Create a compelling presentation showing how you address challenges comprised of success stories that are obvious for selected target contacts to relate to
 Reach out through a mutual contact or directly with your value proposition to hiring decision makers
 Follow current events in the niche markets where you are making networking contacts
 Make follow up inquiries to determine if your initial correspondence was received and read

Repeat from top modifying your offer/value proposition/skills and knowledge/which success stories are shared in order to attract hiring authorities and start a meaningful conversation exploring potential career opportunities.

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