Executive job search is like a video gameThis isn’t a trick question hatched by the next generation eager to take over. According to author Tim Koschella, the idea of marketing video games through a playable app affords new customers a risk-free trial while simultaneously providing the advertiser with valuable data about customer behavior. There are parallels to the job search strategies I developed for senior executive clients that reliably improve the quality of new job leads and accelerate campaign progress towards an accepted new job offer.

From the first dawning of internet job boards to the universal influence of social media and disruption by the prevalence of automated resume screening, the executive job search has been continually revolutionized.    As an executive talent agent, JobWhiz, it’s my challenge to differentiate JobWhiz clients as the first choice, go-to experts fitting their ideal role. This means attracting appropriate hiring decision makers to enable my client to interact one-on-one with their future direct manager and make a remarkable first impression that will develop into a long-term professional relationship. In today’s job market, the biggest challenges are

not only the computerized and human gatekeepers but also establishing credibility, likability, and trustworthiness. This is best accomplished through a personal recommendation. But often the seller/product/job candidate and the buyer/customer/employer do not know each other or aren’t familiar with each other through a mutual contact. To bring two strangers together and then become comfortable with each other, adopting a marketing model suggested for gaming could be an effective way to move the recruiting process forward.

If you are an executive seeking a new role, especially if switching industries or targeting a different functional role, re-entering the workforce, restricted by non-compete agreements, or conducting a confidential search, you should follow these principles if a strong networking connection isn’t available to vouch for your authenticity or make a personal referral. Applying these recommendations can accelerate your job search progress by attracting more employer interactions that increase potential new job leads.

  1. Provide a sample of work demonstrating relevant experience highlighting sophisticated skills and expert knowledge using the challenge-action-result format to describe a successful outcome
  2. If you don’t get an immediate response, repeat initial contact by email or phone and ask to confirm receipt.
  3. After the third attempt, move on to next target and come back in 6-8 weeks if you are still interested and have not accepted another offer … or keep in touch because more networking connections are a good thing; this next position is unlikely to be your  last job which means there is probably more job searching in your future.
  4. When promoting your assets/product to prospective employers/customers prioritize the buyer’s needs and seek to satisfy their expectations rather than emphasize your strongest or most enjoyed capabilities which may not be in the same order as their priorities. Be customer-centered, not feature-focused in sales language.
  5. Remember that you must put the customer first: be flexible and courteous, appeal to their interests, adjust to their calendar and satisfy their requests when possible.
  6. Modern job searching is less about penetrating employment barriers and more focused on engaging decision makers, hiring authorities and influencers to gain access to new job leads and stay on the radar screen for future opportunities.



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