Hidden Job Market Secrets

Get your dream job The sharpest, clearest and most effective focus for your executive job search is the single biggest factor affecting job search success and timing. You must be able to describe what you want, not only for others to understand and be able to help you, but also necessary for you to screen potential leads and concentrate your efforts and time to maximize job search ROI. If you can’t describe what you want, even your closest confidantes can give up trying to understand how to help you.

  • Where are the highest potential job leads? Which are the most likely haystacks within which the ideal role is likely to be found?
  • Articulate your idea of a “golden needle.,” What are the characteristics (must haves and absolute deal-breakers) describing your ideal career opportunity in language that others can translate into a recommendation or referral.

Having many supportive connections and a strong resume might appear sufficient.However, if the go-to-market job search strategy driving direction, communications and timing is not precise and correct, the search will not make progress towards the desired goals. It is important to not just have contacts, but the right contacts to access the desired position. Start to Network Purposefully. It is necessary to have proven accomplishments, but they must be the ones valued by the right contacts.  If the choice among contacts and selection of accomplishments promoting your talent are not aligned, an outstanding candidate (who should be the obvious first choice) will be overlooked or eliminated.

It goes back to it’s not just what you say, but who you say it to and how you say it and when it’s delivered. If this is the only time in your career that you have actively sought a new position, it’s the chance to acquire lifetime job searching skills and knowledge. Don’t rely on luck, hearsay, traditional thinking or your recruiting know-how. First time experiences have surprises. They can throw you off track or worse, damage your reputation. Your track record of delivering on assignments and exceeding expectations has relied on your ability and interest to learn and meet new challenges. Take the advice you are known to give: seek someone whose come through the fire, has navigated the job market recently,  tap into their expertise, develop the correct go-to-market strategy and avoid obstacles that will not only stall your current campaign, but can hinder your future career success.

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