No LinkedIn profile is a reputation killerIt pays to put effort into crafting your LI profile including completing the summary, detailing employment history, graphics, uploading work samples, securing endorsements, requesting recommendations, soliciting connections, writing status updates, responding to invitations and messages, and publishing long form publications. If you were going on a blind date or recommended to introduce yourself to someone, you’d probably Google that persona’s name and expect to find some good information that gives you insights into their background and personality. Employers and business owners do the same thing before deciding if they want to take the time to meet with potential candidates or clients in person. They don’t rely on a resume by itself. If you don’t have a positive presence on LinkedIn, you  look less legitimate, no matter what experience and accolades you’ve racked up in real life. If their are competitors vying for attention for the same meeting or other opportunity, the individual without a robust, positive online image is at a disadvantage. If you don’t post a pleasing head shot and write a persuasive summary, you are communicating that you don’t care or are lazy or worse, sending vibes that you think you are “too good” for LinkedIn. No LinkedIn essentially takes you out of the running, off the radar screen and relegated to being a technology dinosaur or worse.

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