Network Purposefully opens doors into the hidden job marketExecutuves can improve their ability to attract new opportunities by developing relationships with carefully selected sponsors, individuals who can share potential leads and recommend them. Network Purposefully™ empowers individuals to streamline and accelerate their current job search while simultaneously creating “career insurance” for the future — a steady pipeline of potential leads in the hidden job market whether or not they are actively job searching. Applying for job openings is not an effective way to find a new position in today’s market. The best way to source a new opportunity is through personal connections. 80% of roles are filled through a mutual contact whom the hiring authority trusts and who can vouch for the potential new hire.

Nowadays, the right relationships are necessary for career success. It’s not just what you know, but who knows, likes and remembers you. Those who embrace Network Purposefully™ acquire and maintain the right contacts to gain early access to opportunities that enable them to build their skills, increase their value to employers and gain more control ( I.e., have choices) over their careers and personal lives.

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