Hidden Job Market Secrets

Executive job search - be accessibleIf you are casually putting out feelers or actively in job searching mode, you have to stay on top of correspondence. You must be accessible and available. That means make it easy for people to communicate with you and respond showing interest and enthusiasm. Return all calls, texts and emails in a timely manner — aim for 24-hour turnaround. Have the mindset, that you are the product and individuals contacting you are customers. You are offering yourself to employers and employers are your prospective customers.You want to promote yourself as reliable, responsible, responsive, courteous, polite, etc.  Set up a free email account (preferably gmail, not AOL) devoted exclusively to a search campaign so that you know if there’s something new in the inbox, it merits your attention immediately. Never use employee email address for personal correspondence. Set up/use personal email account easily recognized as ”your name” (or abbreviated, not a cute nickname or “handle.”) Check your personal account at least daily/several times during business hours and once before bed. Reply to time sensitive messages promptly- treat your personal business correspondence with the same speed, or better, as if you already have a relationship that you value and want to protect. You can leverage your email signature to make a good impression by appearing professional and including your direct phone, personal website, LinkedIn URL, and email with a link for easy replies. Check your private phone as often as your email. Don’t let a great opportunity “get lost in the mail.”

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