Executive job seekers have to have a unique value contributionDon’t “pollute” your #reputation by sharing a sub-prime resume. An electronic resume is likely to be visible long after you’ve intentionally shared it with a chosen contact. It could be shared in the future and used to recruit you when you least expect an inquiry. In the right hands, it’s a golden key to the hidden job market. Your resume is an example of the kind of work you do, how much attention you pay to detail, your command of the language, etc. Today your work is your resume. Yes, it is worth the effort to put your best foot forward in every interaction with professional connections.

To improve how attractive you are in a crowded market, you have to identify a way to stand out. Not by being outlandish but by showing ( not just telling) you are remarkably and memorably better. Ask yourself why a career opportunity is  a good fit, then translate your unique qualification or credential into an example that proves you can do the job without a costly learning curve. When presenting your background, selectively edit your qualifications to emphasize the skills most relevant to a particular job description. You don’t have to fill the page with minute details; you must report why you are the best possible resource by focusing your presentation and eliminating the noise. In order to command the attention of hiring decision makers, you must communicate the information which is most critical to them. Put yourself in their shoes and write to address their needs. Above all, you must show that you have sufficient knowledge and ability by demonstrating relevant accomplishments that prove you can be trusted to deliver solutions without making mistakes or costly errors.  If you can’t describe direct experiences, then point to achievements that represent parallel knowledge. Employers are risk adverse; they want to hire individuals whom they can trust to get the work done and those who will fit into the existing organizational structure.

Getting tired of re-writing your resume and creating a new cover letter/email message every time. Too bad! If you don’t make the effort someone else will get the chance to talk one-on-one with the hiring decision maker and they will be that much closer to an offer. Being great on paper is necessary but it is not sufficient in today’s job market access opportunities. Relationships drive the job market. Either you have to be referred by a mutual contact who can influence the decision maker to meet you or you must initiate a cold introduction that is impressive enough to grab the hiring authority’s attention and pique their curiosity to learn more about you. You don’t want to diminish your chances using a less than perfect resume. There’s no guarantee that your resume will get you in the door, but it sure can shut you out.


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