Executive job search is not workingWhen your job search doesn’t make progress and you feel like you are falling through the cracks being unfairly overlooked by employers for opportunities you are certain  are perfect for you, your executive job search strategy needs to change.

You can tweak your your resume, get interview coaching, become a networking ninja, but if any one of these four critical parts of your campaign is weak or incorrect, you are not and cannot be a competitive candidate. You must fix your executive job search strategy if you want to turnaround your failing campaign. Start by evaluating how well you are achieving the four essential executive job search elements described below.

The reason why executive job searches do not produce results is that one of these four key requirements for job search success is missing.

  1. Clearly and compellingly communicate the value you offer customized to match the needs and expectations of each opportunity
  2. Selectively target and pursue opportunities which are the best match between your goals for your next role  and what employers need and expect from individual contributors
  3. Connect one–on-one with the right hiring decision makers and carefully chosen individuals able to open doors for you. Best to connect through an introduction, recommendation, referral, or attracting interest through promoting your expertise and proactively marketing yourself..
  4. Follow up on every lead on a regular basis in order to stay on the radar of hiring authorities, decision makers, etc. (See #3.)

Albert Einstein is attributed with a familiar quote paraphrased as “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

How might this apply to you? Are you diligently repeating your mistakes?

If you are not getting the leads you want, not being invited to meet in person, and it feels like your search needs life-support, then there is an extremely  high probability that one of these key executive job search success factors is not correctly executed. Unless the ineffective job search”habit” is replaced with the correct approach, it’s unlikely that your job search will improve.


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