Your Name is Your Virtual Executive Job Search ResumeThe answer is shocking. I constantly emphasize the critical importance of relationships for career success. I basically say forget applying to job postings. What’s changed? NOTHING!

Let’s back up a bit. Faced with looking for a new career opportunity, will you begin by dusting off your resume and bringing your experience section up to date? Traditionally that was the right move. However, today most prospective candidates already have a virtual resume which is everything online that is accessible and available without your permission to the public by searching “your name.”. Your internet footprint describes you to everyone in the world with access to the web including, of course, potential employers, networking connections, and third party fact checkers.  In this interview, we talk about creating and managing the virtual you – your social media accounts and what others are saying about you – to be sure that your online persona is always market-ready to be promoted, recommended or discovered by any and everyone who knows you or should be interested in meeting you. Listen to practical actions to enhance the virtual you!

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