Executive resumes get lost in the pile which is why you must Network Purposefully

JobWhiz opens doors to opportunities and enables clients to have a conversation with hiring decision makers before their competition interacts with the employer. This provides a clear advantage in today’s highly competitive environment where being the first and/or only candidate to meet an employer’s need is the best way to get an offer on mutually acceptable terms.

I do not put much faith in any job that is advertised. Too often a job is a phantom position or a candidate has already been selected or there’s some other reason that the listing is not really an opening that the employer intends to fill in the near future. That’s why many perfect resumes never produce results for great candidates.

More often than not, a company has a need but doesn’t have a job posted or it isn’t advertised immediately because they don’t actually need a candidate. Surprised? There are common reasons why this happens

  1. Companies are too busy to post a proper job description;
  2. There is an internal candidate;
  3. Only the incumbent and the hiring manager knows that there will be a vacancy coming up; or
  4. The position is filled but the manager would gladly switch the incumbent out (if it was convenient and they didn’t have to suffer through the recruiting process.)

And don’t forget mergers and acquisitions almost always done on the QT; these events usually generate staffing changes and only a few insiders may be aware how this will impact the new corporate structure. One thing is certain that has a profound effect on executive job search strategy— companies are always changing and change produces new opportunities on a steady basis. A candidate has to be in the candidate pool to have a shot at being hired. If a candidate does not make themselves known to and hasn’t made a positive impression on the appropriate hiring authority, there is zero chance that the candidate will get an offer.

Just sending a resume has an extremely low probability of generating a meeting with the hiring authority. Therefore, the best way to find a job in today’s market is to connect directly with hiring decision makers, often before there is an official job/opening. The best job executive job search strategy is for a candidate to find a need that they can and want to address and then reach out to the hiring authority—making their own good luck and creating the perfect timing for their career change.


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