T.S. was a senior vice president, IT, in financial services and wanted to be with her partner who had recently started a new position five hours away.  Their intention was for T.S. to move closer.  T.S. thought external recruiters would be eager to set up interviews because they knew her, seemed to like her and she had hired the major retained firms in her field to build her team.  When she asked the headhunters for help, she had a rude awakening:  the recruiters explained that the terms of their contracts with her current employer restricted them from placing her elsewhere. She felt like her hands were tied behind her back and there was no way out.  The recruiters were her network; she had incorrectly thought “her” recruiters would be there for her.  Debra identified a list of target companies, promoted T.S. to C-suite level managers in the new city and within three months, T.S. had accepted a new job with a competitor.

I thought that I was stuck in my old job forever and had no future because recruiters would not help me find a job. I quickly got educated about how executive search firms work and figured if I was going to find a new job, it was up to me. This was a problem because I hate to sell myself, I had no time to job search and I had to keep my campaign secret. Then I found Debra who was like a “reverse recruiter.”  She did all the legwork and confidentially set up appointments with the right level corporate officers. My whole job search, once I met Debra, was pretty easy. “ – T.S., Chief Technology Officer, Financial Services

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