O.B. had skyrocketed through the ranks in his industry. Headhunters deluged him with calls to move to competitors and the recruiters who were aware of the kind of roles he wanted, were on retainer by his firm and couldn’t touch him.  Every position presented by recruiters was a carbon copy of his current role and he didn’t want the same job in a different company. O. B. yearned for a different corporate culture and to manage multiple functions in a less siloed structure.  Debra developed a creative positioning to demonstrate his talents and business acumen beyond his specialty and then introduced him directly to the CEOs of his target companies.  He landed the job of his dreams, a global role with high visibility, daily rewards and tremendous upside potential. He used this transition as the springboard to even higher achievements after Debra helped him get away from limitations he wasn’t able to overcome on his own.

“Debra, you can count on me anytime to be a great reference! You were able to penetrate the top echelons for me. Thank you for discreetly opening the right doors and leveraging my job search time so efficiently.” – O.B., Global CIO, Enterprise Software

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